Former CMS Chief Don Berwick Proud of 'Growth of Medicaid'

The chief advocate for the British health care system, Dr. Donald Berwick has joined the Soros funded Center for American Progress as a Senior Fellow. Now that he's out from under the constraints of his former position as head of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Dr. Berwick is bubbling over with ideas and enthusiasm for social justice, portable healthcare and rock music. Last month the self-avowed "extremist" talked about his road trip in a van listening to U2. From a March 3 Washington Post interview: One of the most impressive visits was a rural road trip I did with the regional Medicare staff in Seattle. It was a bunch of us in a van, playing U2, and it really was quite fun. I visited western Oregon, and was traveling down the coastline visiting these tiny hamlets that have critical access hospitals that were having a really tough time in this economy. You had primary care doctors there who impressed the heck out of me. You had a hospital that was recruiting...(Read Full Post)