Don't Take Shaul Mofaz's Comments to the New York Times too seriously

On Sunday, an article that I wrote titled "War in the Middle East May Be Inevitable" appeared in American Thinker.  It dealt with Moshe Arens' assessment of Shaul Mofaz's defeat of Tzipi Livni for head of the Kadima Party in Israel.  According to Arens, Mofaz's victory represents a tidal shift in Israeli politics.  Arens presented five concrete examples of failed Israeli efforts to advance the peace agenda, and they received nothing in return except belligerence and increased terrorist activity.  Arens thinks that the Israeli people are waking up to the stark reality that peace isn't in the cards--not yet anyway. Is Arens correct?  I think he is, and that's what my article is about, but something important happened between the time I wrote it and its publication on Sunday.  On Friday, the New York Times published an article about Mofaz titled "Defying an Image With a Tilt to the Left."  It's based on an interview with Mofaz, and according to the...(Read Full Post)