Dems Use Ted Nugent's Remarks to Distract from Ann Romney Flap

Ted Nugent is up to what Ted Nugent is up to usually: taking rhetorical shots at Democrats and liberals he can't stomach.  Is this news?  Well, it is to Democrats and their mainstream media enablers, who have seized on Nugent's remarks in a lame attempt to turn them on Mitt Romney.      Democrats have taken something of a shellacking for rich Democrat consultant Hilary Rosen's insult of Ann Romney.  Rosen criticized Mrs. Romney for being a stay-at-home mom who doesn't get what working women deal with. Mrs. Romney has made a stunning debut as a campaign asset. Now it's reported that conservative rocker Ted Nugent has fired insults at Congresswomen Debbie Wasserrman-Schutlz and Nancy Pelosi.  Nugent called Wasserman-Schultz a "brain-dead, soulless idiot" and Pelosi a "sub-human scoundrel."  Nugent labeled both women "varmints," conjuring up Yosemite Sam using the same epithet against Bugs Bunny. Certainly, name-calling...(Read Full Post)