Big Helper Michelle Obama Presents Kids' Choice Award to Taylor Swift

At the 2012 annual Kids' Choice Awards, self-described 'Big Helper' Michelle Obama was given the honor of awarding country/pop star Taylor Swift with the "Big Help Award."  Before proceeding, it's important to first point out that this type of "kids' choice" award has nothing to do with successfully throwing off the chains of parental notification or honoring underage teens who had the courage to exercise the right to choose. This particular Kids' Choice Award is the one where Nickelodeon viewers, via online voting, choose their favorite music, television and movie stars, who are then bestowed titles like "Cutest Couple," "Favorite Buttkicker," and every kids' politically correct favorite, the "Big Help/Big Green Award." This year, "iCarly" random dance sensation Mrs. Obama flew toward Los Angeles with Sasha and Malia for a much-needed Vegas spring vacation and then on to L.A. for her first live appearance on the 25th annual KCA award show. A big kid herself, Michelle blended in...(Read Full Post)