At least 20 Christians killed by Islamic terrorists at church service in Nigeria

The Telegraph is reporting that 20 Chirstian worshippers were murdered by terrorists during a church service in Nigeria:

Several small bombs, believed to have been fashioned from fizzy drinks cans, were thrown into a lecture hall that was being used for a Sunday morning service in Kano, a city that has been repeatedly attacked by Muslim radicals.

The explosions killed one person and injured many others. But as the crowd fled the lecture hall, gunmen waiting outside opened fire with automatic rifles.

Several dozen people who had been unable to enter the building, at Kano's Bayero University, who were listening to the service outdoors were also targeted.

Within minutes, as many as 19 others were killed, and their bodies littered the campus grounds as the gunfire continued for up to half an hour more, witnesses said.

"I was inside and we were preparing for a prayer when there was the sound of motorbikes driving fast and then the first explosion," one student worshipper, who gave her name only as Grace, said.

"Everything then happened very fast. There were more bombs, I think, and so many gunshots, there was too much noise and people were panicking."

The attack started at 9.30am as several hundred people attended the church services, said Mohammed Suleiman, a history lecturer at the university.

"For over 30 minutes a series of bomb explosions and gun shots took over the old campus, around the academic blocks," he said.


It sounds like the death toll could go much higher.

The attacks bear all the earmarks of a Boko Haram operation. This is the same outfit that murdered 44 Christians on Christmas Day in 2001 and an Easter attack that killed 41. The government has been trying to crack down on the terrorist group but in the north, they have many supporters which makes it difficult for the government to find them.

The army showed up shortly after the attack but has been unable to find the perpetrators.

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