American Jews should listen to the Israelis when it comes to support for Obama

Barack Obama received 78% of the Jewish vote in 2008. Recent polls show he won't get that percentage -- a recent survey shows the president getting 62% of the Jewish vote -- but he will still receive the lion's share of the vote from Jewish Americans. Considering his policies toward Israel, it's hard to figure out what that is. One reason is that most liberal Jews place very little weight on US policy toward Israel when it comes to voting. Also, for many in the Jewish community, social issues are more important. But Jews in Israel have a decidedly different view of the president - for obvious reasons as Jonathan Tobin explains: But even as American Jews argue about Obama's attitude toward Israel, the intended objects of the supposed solicitude continue to hold starkly different views about him. A new Smith Research poll sponsored by the Jerusalem Post shows that although perceptions of Obama in Israel have improved in the last year, most Israelis don't consider him much of a...(Read Full Post)