A Message to the State Department: The War on Terror is not over

While some State Department officials may believe the "War on Terror" is over, few service members or their families feel the same. Our troops are continuously placed in grave danger fighting terrorists and insurgents. They are not going anywhere anytime soon and in fact, according to the Pentagon, the United States has committed to an additional ten years in Afghanistan. I miss the days of seeing constant war footage on the television and seeing our men and women doing the incredible job they always do in fighting to defend this great nation. Those days served the American people as a constant reminder that we as a nation are at war. It seems like those days are long gone. I am reminded of the concept, "Nothing to see here folks, just move along." And move along is what we are doing. We are moving along forgetting about our troops. We as a nation are becoming numb to their heroic commitments. Our media and political elites are side tracking the wars fought abroad socially...(Read Full Post)