56% think Obama was trying to intimidate the Supreme Court

Obama's comments about SCOTUS taking the "unprecedented" step of overturning a law passed by Congress hasn't set well with the American people.

Fox News:

A majority of American voters think President Obama's recent comments about the Supreme Court were an attempt to intimidate the justices as they decide the constitutionality of one his biggest accomplishments -- the 2010 Affordable Care Act. In addition, the voters -- unlike the president -- want the high court to either overturn the new health care law completely or at least invalidate the individual mandate.

That's according to a Fox News poll released Thursday. 

A 56 percent majority of voters think the president was trying to intimidate the Supreme Court when he publicly commented on the health care case and referred to the justices as "an unelected group of people." Forty percent disagree. Most Republicans (81 percent), a majority of independents (61 percent) and more than a quarter of Democrats (29 percent) believe Obama was trying to strong-arm the justices. 

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Most voters want at least part of the law overturned. Some 42 percent think the Supreme Court should toss out the whole law, while 24 percent take the middle ground and think the court should keep most of it but rule the mandate for Americans to buy health insurance as unconstitutional. About one voter in four thinks the court should uphold the law as is (27 percent). 

Democrats (50 percent) are twice as likely as independents (24 percent) and 10 times as likely as Republicans (5 percent) to want health care law upheld entirely. 

In addition, Republican support for invalidating the entire law (70 percent) is significantly greater than support among Democrats for keeping it intact (50 percent).

Not even Democrats are enthusiastic about keeping this turkey. It makes one wonder that if the Republicans have to - depending on the SCOTUS decision - they may pick up significant numbers of Democrats if it becomes necessary to repeal Obamacare.

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