US may give Russia secret data on anti-missile shield

Well, why not? The cold war is over, right? Putin's is our friend, right? There's no chance that the Russians would turn around and sell this secret data on our missile interceptor to Iran, right?

Oh - and I have a beautiful drawbridge over the Chicago River that I can sell to you for a song...


The Obama administration is leaving open the possibility of giving Moscow certain secret data on U.S. interceptor missiles due to help protect Europe from any Iranian missile strike.

A deal is being sought by Washington that could include classified data exchange because it is in the U.S. interest to enlist Russia and its radar stations in the missile-defense effort, a Pentagon spokeswoman said Tuesday in written replies to Reuters.

No decision has been made yet on whether the United States would offer data about the interceptors' "velocity at burnout," or VBO, said Air Force Lieutenant Colonel April Cunningham, the spokeswoman, but it is not being ruled out.

VBO is at the heart of what Russia wants as the price for its cooperation, said Riki Ellison, head of the private Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance, who has close ties to missile defense and military officials.

VBO tells how fast an interceptor is going when its rocket-booster motor fuel is spent and the motor burns out.

With VBO and certain other technical data, Moscow could more readily develop countermeasures and strategies to defeat the system and transfer the information to others, Ellison said.

Ellen Tauscher, the administration's special envoy for strategic stability and missile defense, held talks in Moscow Tuesday with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, including on missile defense, a State Department spokesman said.

Russia used to need spies for this sort of thing. But the administration appears to want to do the same thing to the espionage industry that they have done for other American industries - kill jobs.

I wonder if Russian spies will go on strike to protest against Obama putting them out of business?

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