There are Credible Experts who believe that Attacking Iran Now is a Good Idea

If you are searching for a fair and balanced analysis of the Iran issue, you won't find it in Nicholas Kristof's article in Saturday's New York Times titled "The False Debate About Attacking Iran."  He begins his argument with an analogy that is totally irrelevant, climate change: "There really isn't such a debate [among experts]. Or rather, it's the same kind of debate as the one about climate change - credible experts are overwhelmingly on one side." That statement is absurd.  Consider this short list of pieces about climate change that have appeared in the past week alone: Suzuki vs. the Senate - who's silencing whom? Sensationalist And Distorted Climate Stories Increase As Climate Science Failures Exposed A Newfound Cog in the Ocean Conveyor New Paper: Many Tree-Ring Analyses Highly Biased, Unreliable I won't even bother to list articles in the Wall Street Journal over the past week dealing with climate change that have presented the opposing view because there...(Read Full Post)