The Trenton Toilet Paper Shortage

Presently, there is a crisis afoot in New Jersey that is symbolic of government incompetence and indicative of the fate that awaits every American if ObamaCare is implemented. In Trenton, the Health Department may be forced to shut down city buildings due to a toilet paper shortage.  That's right: Trenton is so fiscally squeezed that in city restrooms Charmin┬« is nowhere to be found.  Seems in the city of Trenton the toilet paper and paper towel inventory is depleted in about a dozen buildings, including City Hall. According to Harold Hall, Acting Public Works Director, there are presently only 15 rolls of toilet paper available; after that, lavatory visitors are, shall we say, left to their own devices. Public Works Director Harold Hall, conveying a potential healthcare reform/bureaucratic logjam warning that should be heeded, said that a "City Council resolution to order more paper supplies, including paper cups, was voted down. According to Harold, some council members...(Read Full Post)