The Lack of Voter ID Cards is a Failure of Identity

Obama's lack of insistence on voter identification is a psychological, philosophical and political position as much as a pragmatic issue of garnering illegal alien votes.  Obama's administration doesn't care about voter ID because ID cards are identification and his liberal regime lives in the arbitrary world of ideological values. People are ideas; they don't exist.  Obama doesn't care about historical rights and wrongs. His administration can't really identify itself because his followers don't know who they are or have holistic personalities.  They are their prejudices and ideals not their souls and hearts. They are their socialistic values.  Voter ID cards are favored by traditional Americans not people who replace values with political correctness. They are promoted by people who know who they are, not political pawns.  The lack of Voter ID cards causes voting fraud.  Obama's administration has identity fraud.  They are their own socialistic...(Read Full Post)