The Ignorance of Democrats

Charles, a friend of mine at Gleason's Gym, says that the failing economy is not Obama's fault but Bush's fault.  Yet it is not a matter of fault.  It's a failure to correct.  Obama was elected to correct the economy.  He failed.  In fact he increased our deficit from ten trillion to sixteen trillion.  Charles has a Masters in economics.  I tell him he should give back his degree.  We laugh.  We are friends even though his naïve support of Obama is hurting the country.

An Israeli boxing student of mine, Yuri, says that Romney is an extremist and that he hates him.  He is so ill-informed that he doesn't realize that Romney is a moderate.  That's the whole reason Romney can't excite the conservative base.  Like so many liberals who cop attitudes Yuri doesn't really know what he is talking about.  Being in the mainstream in New York, he doesn't really question himself.  

Many liberals hate me for being a Republican.  They are prejudiced.  I don't hate them.  I smile.  They are the joke of angry ignorance. They don't have to read to back themselves up because they have the automatic acceptance of their peers.  New York City has their backs. Even if they stub their toes.

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