The cost of ignorance where the Middle East is concerned can be lethal.

Making sense of what is taking place in the Middle East is difficult at best, and it's impossible if you don't understand the way players in the region think.  An article in today's Tehran Times provides a glimpse of reality in that turbulent part of the world.  The article's title is "Israel concerned about shift in status quo in Muslim world: Velayati."  Ali Akbar Velayati was formerly Iran's foreign minister.  Today, he is a senior advisor to Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.  When he speaks publically, you can bet that he has Khamenei's blessing.  Velayati said this about Israel yesterday: "...the Zionist regime is making efforts to plunge Syria into turmoil because it is concerned about the fact that the status quo in the Muslim world is changing in favor of Muslims." Part of Velayati's statement is patently false.  Israel did not "plunge Syria into turmoil."  The mayhem started in Tunisia during December 2010 when the Arab...(Read Full Post)