Sorry, Fluke

The Fluke contraception controversy is Democrat inspired. It is yet another example of Democrats promoting and trying to force all Americans to fund behavior many Americans would consider to be sinful. We taxpayers are minding our own business. We are, for the most part, passively ignoring America's cultural rot.

But our passivity is not enough for the Democrats. They demand that we pay for behaviors which are in conflict with the principles, values and faith of many Americans.

Ms Fluke, Americans do not care how many out-of-wedlock sexual encounters you may have. But, when you go before Congress in an attempt to demonize us for not subsidizing your activities, you are infringing on our freedom; forcing your values down our throats.

You guys on the left are always the aggressors. When we say "no", your media machine attempts to portray us as the aggressive bad guys.

Also, am I weird or old-fashioned for thinking it a bit shameful for a woman to go before congressional committee to basically say, I sleep around a lot and demand that taxpayers pay for my birth-control? Fluke is a prime example of how nothing is shameful any more, which is in-keeping with the moral relativism philosophy taught in colleges. Moral Relativism in a nutshell says nothing is right or wrong and no one has a right to judge the morality of anything.

Think about this folks. We have TV talk shows themed on finding the father of a unmarried pregnant woman's baby. The exploitative TV host tries to sound passionate. Today we have poor pregnant Sherri who has slept with 27 guys. We have brought all 27 of these scumbags on the show to discover through DNA testing who is the daddy.

Good Lord, remember when an unmarried woman was ashamed of being pregnant by her one boyfriend? Today, women who have fornicated with every male within a ten block radius of their home go on national TV and are celebrated as victims.

Ms Fluke, sleep around with whomever you please. Christians and most Americans defend your right to do so. However, the line in the sand is when you and your Democrat enablers demand that we taxpayers pay for your sexual encounters.

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

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