Site for G-8 Summit shifts from Chicago to Camp David

In the end, no amount of security was going to hold back the gaggle of protestors assembling to demonstrate against the G-8. So Barack Obama has shifted the venue of the meeting from Chicago to Camp David. Reuters: President Barack Obama will host the Group of Eight summit at his Camp David retreat in the Maryland countyside, the White House said on Monday, instead of Chicago as initially planned. The G-8 has attracted violent street protests in the past from activists who view it as a rich capitalist club that harms the interests of the poor. But the White House played down security concerns as grounds for shifting the May 18-19 event to the more remote location 60 miles north of Washington in the scenic Catoctin Mountains, on a base run by the U.S. military. "The president felt that Camp David would provide an informal and intimate setting to have a free-flowing discussion with his fellow leaders," said White House national security spokesman Tommy Vietor. The G-8 consists of...(Read Full Post)