One of the few bloggers who President Obama reads goes on an anti-Semitic tirade

First the Obama tie: As for what Obama reads online, his advisers said he looks for offbeat blogs and news stories, tracking down firsthand reporting and seeking out writers with opinions about his policies. Obama was particularly interested in Atlantic Online's Andrew Sullivan's tweeting of the Iranian elections last year, said an aide, who requested anonymity to discuss what influences the president. David Axelrod also stated that ," "There are some commentators whose views he's interested in, and he'll read blog items." Andrew Sullivan has garnered quite a reputation in the blogosphere for his obsessive anti-Israel attitudes (as well as his creepy obsession with Trig Palin and the issue of his parentage. He loathes Sarah Palin and everyone connected to her). Why would Obama, who can access the finest minds and the work of numerous federal intelligence agencies, trust the foreign policy views of someone who harbors a bias against America's one firm ally in the Middle East? The...(Read Full Post)