ObamaCare: Your money or your life

Liberal Bob Shrum threatens "Tea Party" justices on the Supreme Court that declaring ObamaCare unconstitutional will guarantee four more years of an Obama presidency.

So, it seems we've got two options: Obama or ObamaCare. Ouch. That's like someone walking up and saying, "Your money or your life."

Shrum blasts Justice Scalia for speaking during the Supreme Court arguments on ObamaCare (words "dripping from the lips of Injustice Antonin Scalia"). He criticizes "tight-lipped Clarence Thomas" for not speaking. He even mocks the "more plausibly judicious Samuel Alito" for being plausibly judicious.

The "revanchist claims of right-wing constitutionalism," using diabolical things like the "pretext [of] the Tenth Amendment," are rigged against liberals, warns Shrum, adding, "A Tea Party Supreme Court could rescind much of the last century, of the New Deal and the Great Society, and even initiatives like the second Bush's 'No Child Left Behind.'"

There's a price to pay. Remember, take away ObamaCare and our future is Obama for four more years, he warns.

Four more years is enough to give Obama the "flexibility" of a more complete lack of accountability to the rule of law. He may then cave in to foreign leaders, as he assured Russian President Putin. And, that's just one instance where he was caught.

Four more years of rising gas prices, high unemployment, and the false green economy of cronyism.

Four more years of Obama, under whom the federal deficit increased by five trillion dollars in three years. We're Greece squared in eight years.

Yes, says Shrum, passing ObamaCare, as Nancy Pelosi told us was required to find out what's in it, then declaring it unconstitutional, is guaranteed to give us four more years of what Virginia Attorney General called the greatest lawbreaking administration in our lifetimes.

Among the threats Shrum provides, "In a second term, Barack Obama . . . has the chance to appoint new justices."

Got it? Declare ObamaCare unconstitutional and it's four more years of this incompetent, divisive, demoralizing and lawbreaking president.

Even Jack Benny, whose famously paused response to "Your money or your life" was "I'm thinking . . . I'm thinking," would not need to deliberate.

The left's disregard for the rule of law and their bullying, tyrannical ways are coming home to roost.