Obama to use FCC as partisan tool in war on Super-Pacs.

The Federal Communications Commission, headed by Barack Obama's law school friend and political appointee, Julius Genachowski, is weighing a sudden change in regulations that would cast a shining light on political spending by so-called super-PACs. Todd Shield's reports in Business Week: Technically, the amount of money campaigns spend to run attack ads on TV is public information. By law, all broadcasters have to keep records of political ad buys, including their cost, and show them to anyone who asks. That doesn't mean the data are easily accessible. You have to trek to TV stations during business hours, persuade a worker to fetch the records, and sometimes even produce exact change if you want to photocopy them. "In a broadband world, that just doesn't make any sense," Julius Genachowski, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, said last fall. The agency is weighing a regulation that would force broadcasting companies to report political-ad sales data on a...(Read Full Post)