NY Times sanitizes Gaza rocket attacks on Israel in report on Toulouse massacre

It takes some doing and some stretching but leave it to the New York Times to find a way to use the killing of three children in the Jewish school massacre in France as a peg to blame Israel for Palestinian children casualties in its response to Gaza rocket barrages. And, in the process, also to find a way to cast rockets launched by Palestinian terrorist groups as somehow more moral than Israel's counter-terrorism operations. So bear with me to see how Jerusalem correspondent Isabel Kershner manages this upside-down trick in the March 21 edition of the Times ("Fury in Israel at Remarks Linking Gaza to Toulouse" page A5). Kershner starts by reporting the furious reaction of Israeli political leaders, from Prime Minister Netanyahu on down, to remarks made in Brussels at a conference on Palestinian refugees by Catherine Ashton, the foreign policy chief of the European Union. Casting her eyes beyond the killings of three Jewish children in Toulouse, Ashton linked this atrocity to the...(Read Full Post)