Liberals are dreaming if they think they can bring down Limbaugh

The excitement on the left over 30 advertisers dropping Rush Limbaugh has reached idiotic heights. Many are openly predicting the end of the Rush Limbaugh show - as if simply saying it out loud would make it true. This isn't going to happen. As Howard Kurtz points out, Rush may be losing some advertisers, but he hasn't lost any listeners. And that's the bottom line for radio stations carrying his show: On Monday, Limbaugh remarked to his audience, "They've decided they don't want you or your business anymore. So be it." The backlash has been driven by social media, such as a Facebook campaign urging a boycott of Limbaugh's sponsors. Limbaugh has faced backlashes and boycotts before. But not like this. The question is whether his show can survive the firestorm. "By using this kind of insulting language against a young woman who no one had heard of," observes Howard Kurtz of Newsweek and CNN, "in a lot of people's eyes, he crossed the line, and that's why you see this huge backlash,...(Read Full Post)