Just Don't Call The Left Uncivil

Ah, civility -- the one compromise for which Leftists show such promise.  How many times must the man setting records for campaigning both on the taxpayer's dime and at his expense, appeal to our better graces?     

The Obama campaign flooded supporters with constant emails over the last several days.  One such message featured the compelling, HEALTH REFORM STILL A BFD, on a nifty $30 t-shirt.   And that "F" doesn't stand for freeborn.  That message was preceded by an email from David Axelrod himself, "Hell yeah, I like Obamacare."  

Mr. Obama stopped fundraising on lies just long enough to call for a nation's "soul searching," following a black student's death at the hands of a white Hispanic.  Spike Lee twice tweeted the home address of Trayvon Martin's shooter, which seems a bit like an invitation to anarchy.  And the new New Black Panthers offered a $10,000 bounty for the white Hispanic's capture, dead or alive.  Caucasians, please continue your soul-searching.

Over the weekend in the shadow of D.C.'s esteemed National Mall, Tim Minchin of fame unknown, performed at the largest gathering of secularists on record.  Minchin dropped more than 75 expletives in a span of twenty minutes.  By expletive, that is to say the same word the Obama camp seems so fond of prominently featuring on campaign t-shirts.

The great patriot, Dick Cheney, received a new heart at the age of 71, having never complained about the unfortunate ticker that he was dealt.  Twitter accounts roared to life with well wishes from the Left; such as, whoever donated their heart to Dick Cheney, *uck you.

Bill Maher called Sarah Palin "stupid" -- again.

And it's Sex Week at Harvard.  Kicking off today's festivities, most of which make Sandra Fluke look downright prudish, is "Sex-Positivity and Slut-Pride:  Sex Tips For a Modern World From Good Vibrations" -- featuring a demonstration of popular sex toys, along with free food.   The event is sponsored by none other than the very earnest, Harvard Law Students for Reproductive Justice.   Apparently, slut verbiage is perfectly acceptable amongst oversexed abortion advocates.  Just hope Rush Limbaugh never states the obvious.

 I could go on, but highlighting the left's incessant hypocrisy can be so uncivil. 

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