Jew Haters Find a Cause Célèbre to Justify their Barbaric Behavior

On Sunday, Iran's Foreign Ministry called Israel's attack on Gaza a war crime and urged "Muslim countries, regional and international organizations, including the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and all independent governments and nations to take serious measures in response to the Zionist regime's criminal actions."  Those statements are music to the ears of Islamist elements throughout the world.  There is nothing that they love more than calling for Israel's destruction, and anything that moves their fellow Jew haters in that direction is a cause célèbre. TEHRAN - In a statement issued on Sunday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry condemned recent Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip as inhumane war crimes.       On Saturday, AFP quoted Palestinian medics as saying that 16 Palestinians had been killed and at least 20 wounded in a series of Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip. [...] It also criticized the international community and the...(Read Full Post)