Gov. Nikki Haley to be indicted for tax fraud?

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley may be in trouble with the IRS.

Specifically, the investigation that is currently underway centers on a Sikh temple built by her father, that she managed the finances for as late as 2003. Fraud is alleged in the handling of the contracts.

Palmetto Public Record:

Two well-placed legal experts have independently told Palmetto Public Record they expect the U.S. Department of Justice to issue an indictment against South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley on charges of tax fraud as early as this week.

A highly ranked federal official has also privately confirmed rumblings of an investigation and possible indictment of the governor, though the official was not aware of the specific timeframe.

Yesterday, Palmetto Public Record exclusively reported that the Internal Revenue Service has been investigating since March of 2011 the Sikh worship center run by Gov. Haley's father. At least five lawsuits have been filed against the Sikh Society of South Carolina since 2010, alleging that the group bilked contractors out of nearly $130,000 for the construction of a new temple.

Gov. Haley is reported to have managed the temple's finances as late as 2003, and our sources believe any indictment would center on what happened to the missing money.

Democrats have been after Haley since she first took office, alleging misuse of health care reform funds - a case that DoJ dropped. There have also been other ethics complaints by Democrats that seem to break down when examined closely.

In the temple case, there are accusations of fraud by contractors who haven't gotten paid for building the temple. The Sikhs apparently ran out of money. Did some of the money go to Haley's campaign? Did some of it end up in the personal account of Haley's father? What's interesting, is that there are no direct links to Haley as far as the fraud being alleged. She supposedly managed the finances of the temple but was she performing that job when the alleged fraud took place?

So a rising star in the Republican party gets hit 6 ways from Sunday by phony ethics allegations and now there's an alleged tax fraud case being pushed by the Obama justice department.

Nothing to be suspicious about, right?

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