If Obama has Lost Denmark...

Four years ago, Democrats and their Big Media affiliates told us we had to get rid of that embarrassing inarticulate Bush guy and elect the eloquent Mr. Obama so Europe would respect us again.  Well now it appears that even green-powered Denmark realizes that, without a teleprompter, our president utters little more than memorized clichés and trite sports analogies: 


What a statesman:

"We have no stronger ally than (Insert name of country here)."

During the Australia press conference, it appears that the president actually forgets the name of the other country until an aide whispers it to him through his ear bud.  Someday, maybe he'll slip up and actually say, "Insert name of country here punches above its weight."

The billion-dollar Obama reelection team must be screaming, "How dare our fellow socialists ridicule our erudite president!  Why, they effectively are pointing out that Barry is a diplomatic slut!  Time for our Media Matters buddies to spring into action and censor this Danish infidel!  Get him off the air!"

Perhaps Media Matters will organize another e-mail carpet-bombing campaign to boycott Danish pastry.  Or they could hire professional protestors for a "spontaneous" Danish furniture burning in Zuccotti Park.