Egyptian Islamists set to dominate panel that will write constitution

Choosing more than half the membership of the panel from the ranks of the two Islamist parties was made easier when liberal and secular parties declined to participate. The Muslim Brotherhood promises they won't write a constitution that will exclude anyone or force anyone to obey their brand of Islam. But really, who believes that nonsense besides American liberals? Financial Times: The panel was chosen at a meeting of the upper and lower chambers in parliament which is itself dominated by Freedom and Justice, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, and by Nour, an ultraconservative Islamist party. Last week parliament voted that half the members of the panel should come from within its ranks - a move which was criticised by secular groups who fear that the constitution will reflect Islamist preferences rather than the broad range of opinion in Egyptian society. Six women and six Christians are on the list, but more than two-thirds of the members represent Islamists,...(Read Full Post)