Aussie voters deliver stunning rebuke to socialists

A political earthquake measuring 10.0 plus on the Richter scale rumbled and the accompanying unprecedented political tsunami surged over the entire State decimating the socialists in the State of Queensland as a consequence of the State election held yesterday (Saturday 24th March). 

In the 89 Seat House of Assembly the Labor Party (the socialists) had been in government for twenty (20) years with 52 seats in the House. The conservative opposition, the LNP (Liberal National Party) led by a retired Australian Army major achieved a massive swing of 17% resulting in attaining 78 Seats in the new Parliament as opposed to their 31 Seats in the previous Parliament. The socialists were reduced to a mere 7 Seats thus losing their status as an official Parliamentary party and losing public funding.

Political pundits, socialists and of course the MSM are stunned. Some of the descriptions being bandied about include: massacre, carnage, blood-bath, annihilation, decimation etc. Former Premier and predecessor of Premier Bligh, Peter Beattie, is speechless. This is a bloke who has never been lost for words.

History has been made in Australia and of course in the "Smart" State (coined by Peter Beattie) and Queenslanders have shown that they are indeed smart but not in the manner as expected by the socialists who are accustomed to assuming that their lies, their spin and their propaganda were impenetrable. Some of the Seats lost by the socialists had been held by them for 100 years.

The result means that the socialists will need some 15 years to re-build and may not warm the government benches for a generation.

Premier Bligh's last stand has been compared in a political sense to the massacre of General Custer and his troops at Little Big Horn.

General George Armstrong Custer and his 7th Calvary were massacred at Little Big Horn in an epic battle now known as Custer's Last Stand (Battle of the Greasy Grass).  in June 1876. The opposing Indian Chief was Crazy Horse.

Yesterday Generalissimo Anna Bligh and her troops were annihilated at the battle of Election Day 2012 now known as Bligh's Last Stand. The opposing General was Campbell Newman who ambushed Bligh with a strategy and tactics hereto unknown in Australian politics. He led the charge, not having a Seat in the then Parliament, but from the outside as an unelected Opposition Leader. It was a brilliant strategy. He secured a seat in the election overcoming an incumbent socialist Member who had been expected to be easily returned. Bligh has announced she is retiring from politics.

The few socialist survivors of this massacre and purge have been taken prisoner and will now be placed in isolation in a corner in the Big House for at least 15 years.

Even on the eve of this unprecedented epic battle, General Bligh's ministry of propaganda was unable to predict the carnage that would follow the next day. Some of the Leftwing MSM propagandists even likened Campbell Newman to Napoleon and his downfall at Waterloo. They had expected him to lose.

As is usual the Left was unable to discern realty.