At NY Times, the only photo of Gaza fighting that's fit to print

On March 12, after three days of fighting between Israel and rocket-firing terrorists in Gaza, the New York Times had ample choices to run one or more pictures to illustrate these events. The Times could have featured pictures of Islamic Jihad and Popular Resistance Committee terrorist launching some of the 150 rockets from amidst civilian areas in Gaza.  Or pictures of the rockets flying in the direction of Ashdod, Beersheva, Ashkelon, or Yavne.  Or pictures of frightened Israeli tots cowering with their parents in bomb shelters.  Or funerals of the 16 Gaza rocket-firing terrorists killed by Israeli airstrikes.  Or hundreds of truckloads of food supplies and other necessities still crossing from Israel into Gaza. The Times, however, ignored all these obvious pictorial subjects and chose a quite different picture -- a four-column photo of a 12-year-old Gaza boy killed while playing outside in northern Gaza.  The headline over the picture:  "Gaza Fighting...(Read Full Post)