An 'unnerving' story: Malia Obama in Mexico articles scrubbed from sites

Why did President Obama allow his daughter Malia to go on a spring break trip to Mexico? The State Department has warned Americans not to travel to the violence-ridden country, a few American parents would dream of sending their kids into the free fire zone that much of Mexico has become. But beyond that is another question: Why did the White House ask news outlets to scrub the story from their websites? And another question: Why did so many news outlets comply? Brian Doherty at Hit and Run: Completely divorced from the question of whether a politician's children are fair game for political attack, or even having their existence and life mentioned, this unfolding incident--stories from earlier today about Malia Obama and a gaggle of buddies spring breaking in Mexico (a place normal American kids are advised to avoid) with Secret Service protection disappearing from news sites--seems to indicate the White House can get a wide range of sites to take down stories, even if it is just...(Read Full Post)