White House sends more Solyndra docs to congress after contempt threat

It appears that trying to get all the information about Solyndra from the White House is something akin to pulling an impacted wisdom tooth. For the third time, the White House has supplied the committee investigating the DoE loan to the solar panel maker with documents that should have been handed over last November when the original subpoena was issued. The Hill: Friday marked the third time that the White House provided internal documents to the House Energy and Commerce Committee since Republicans on the panel issued a subpoena for all Solyndra communications in November. In addition to the approximately 1,500 pages of documents that the White House has now provided to Republicans probing the loan guarantee, federal agencies have given lawmakers more than 185,000 pages of documents. The months-long GOP-led Solyndra investigation has not unearthed evidence that political favoritism was a factor in granting the loan guarantee. But the probe has unearthed several emails that are...(Read Full Post)