White House hides the big drop in percentage of working Americans

It's not the same as the unemployment rate. It is the workplace participation rate that shows the true horror of Obama's jobless "recovery." Quite simply, the percentage of working-age Americans who have a job is crashing. Daily Caller: A new chart produced by the Republican Study Committee shows the downward jumps of that job-participation rate, even after President Barack Obama deployed his trillion-dollar stimulus in February 2009, and after Obama declared the summer of 2010 a "Recovery Summer." "I expect you will be seeing this chart on the House floor during debates, it will be shown at town hall meetings and in district events," committee spokesman Brian Straessle told The Daily Caller. Amid the optimistic text in today's economic report, the detailed tables reveal a sharp statistical decline.In 2000, 64.4 percent of working-age Americans had formal jobs, either full-time or part-time, according to Table B-35 on page 361. That was the measure's high water...(Read Full Post)