Where the women are

Women - specifically, pro-life women - are making their voices heard on the Obama contraception mandate.

From a Feb. 23 story at LifeNews.com:

Pro-life women are taking on pro-abortion Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi, who is claiming that women strongly support Obama's new HHS mandate that forces religious employers to pay for birth control and abortion-causing drugs.

Helen Alvare, professor of law at George Mason University, and Kim Daniels, former counsel to the Thomas More Law Center, have issued a clarion call responding to Nancy Pelosi's question 'where are the women?' with a new campaign titled, 'We Are Here.' They have drafted an open letter to pro-abortion President Barack Obama and Congress. The letter represents over 1,500 professional women who responded to personal requests to sign on to it....

The pro-life women have also launched a new website where other women can join the campaign against the Obama mandate and sign on to the letter....

Of course, to pro-abortion women such as Congresswoman Pelosi, pro-life women don't count. But pro-abortion men, regardless of how badly they may treat women, are given a political pass.

Funny how that works.