Wash. Post resorts to guilt by association to tar an Israeli religious community

In its Feb. 12 edition, the Washington Post carries an article about suburban Montgomery County putting plans on hold for a sister-city agreement with Beit Shemesh in Israel because of several incidents there involving attacks by ultra-Orthodox fanatical extremists on Israeli women ("Montgomery delays Israeli sister-city pact - News reports of ultra-Orthodox violence worry activists, county" by Victor Zapana, page C1) The incidents were utterly despicable --- a young girl was spat on because her clothing was deemed insufficiently modest; a woman was pelted with stones for daring to assert her rights in public places.  And there have been other such incidents in Beit Shemesh. The Post's article, however, went way overboard by indicting ultra-Orthodox Jews in general for such outrages when they were actually perpetrated by a small minority of ultra-Orthodox fanatical extremists known as the Sicarii. Here's how the Post smeared all ultra-Orthodox Jews in Beit Shemesh: "In...(Read Full Post)