Wash. Post assigns more credibility to Iran than to Israel

As Iran and the West ratcheted up tensions in recent weeks over Tehran's nuclear ambitions, mainstream media reports continued to cling to an even-handed parallelism when it comes each side's credibility.   The context for rising tensions usually has it that the West believes Tehran is on a course to develop nuclear weapons, while the Iranians insist that their nuclear program is strictly for peaceful purposes. Readers and listeners thus are left to ponder a he-said-versus-he-said enigma without  guidance as to which side might have more credibility.  Western and Iranian versions are given equal weight. What tends to be missing, however, is that there is a third party to this equation -- the latest report from the UN nuclear watchdog which tilts the credibility scales against Iran by concluding that there are indeed worrisome signs that Tehran is seeking a nuclear-weapons capability.  More often than not, Western journalists find it easier or more politically...(Read Full Post)