Two western journalists killed in Syria as US weighs arming rebels

Two western journalists - one of them apparently an American - were killed in a bombardment by Assad's forces in a rebellious neighborhood in the city of Homs. As the violence continues to escalate - 19 more people were killed yesterday -- the US mulls its options in arming the Free Syrian Army. Reuters: The two Western journalists were killed when rockets struck and demolished the house they were staying in, activists and witnesses in Homs told Reuters by telephone. They were named as Marie Colvin, an American working for Britain's Sunday Times newspaper, and French photographer Remi Ochlik.   Violence raged unabated. Several YouTube videos taken by local activists in the northern Idlib area, which could not be independently confirmed, showed bodies of young men with bullet wounds and hands tied lying dead in streets.   The men, all civilians, were mostly shot in the head or chest on Tuesday in their homes or in streets in the villages of Idita, Iblin and Balshon...(Read Full Post)