The Republicans in Michigan are getting it done. Why can't Obama?

Michigan's Republican Governor, Rick Snyder, didn't just balance the budget. He's putting $130,000,000 into a rainy day fund. Maybe Obama, Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats should take notice. Snyder inherited a Michigan economy that was bleeding money, jobs and residents thanks to eight years of Democrat Governor Jennifer Granholm's "leadership". Michigan had led the nation into the recession and had one of the worst unemployment rates and housing declines in the country. In his first year in office Snyder and his Republican-controlled House and Senate balanced a $1.5 billion deficit and added $255 million to the State's rainy day fund. For his encore, in the second year he isn't just projecting another excess (bringing the rainy day fund total to $385 million), he's providing  funding increases for education, cities and roads while giving a 16% boost to the Michigan State Police. The budget includes extra funds for dental care for children, autism treatment,...(Read Full Post)