The 5 most politically controversial Super Bowl ads of all time

I suppose we had to post something about the game today. With 80 million of you watching, it would have been strange to ignore it. So this seemed the perfect compromise between fulfilling a need and not giving into the temptation to join the overhyped, oversold, over the top coverage of what is, after all, a children's game. It's the ads, of course. At $3.5 million for a 30 second commercial, advertisers vie for creating the most memorable, the weirdest, the most obscure, and the worst ads of the year. And The Hill has what it says are the 5 most politically controversial ads of all time: Jason Rose, a public relations expert in Arizona and partner of the firm Rose, Moser and Allyn, said the sheer size of the Super Bowl audience drives companies to take a risk in advertising. "If every advertiser has spots that look like Tide commercials, they're going to fall flat and they're not going to make their mark," he said, adding that a bit of provocativeness can "cut through the...(Read Full Post)