'The 5 biggest whoppers in Obama's energy speech'

Investors Business Daily listened to Obama's energy speech so you didn't have to and picked out the top 5 lies told by the president about his energy policy: "We're focused on production." Fact: Obama has chosen almost always to limit production. He canceled leases on federal lands in Utah, suspended them in Montana, delayed them in Colorado and Utah, and canceled lease sales off the Virginia coast. "The U.S. consumes more than a fifth of the world's oil. But we only have 2% of the world's oil reserves." In fact, the U.S. has a mind-boggling 1.4 trillion barrels of oil, enough to "fuel the present needs in the U.S. for around 250 years," according to the Institute for Energy Research. The problem is the government has put most of this supply off limits. "Because of the investments we've made, the use of clean, renewable energy in this country has nearly doubled." Fact: Production of renewable energy - biomass, wind, solar and the like - climbed just 12% between 2008 and ...(Read Full Post)