Projection: Less Than Half of 1.5 + Million Walker Recall Petitions will be Eligible

True the Vote issued a press release today detailing preliminary results of their recall analysis. While the unions will likely get the approximately 540,000 petitions they needed to force a recall vote against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, hundreds of thousands of submitted petitions had problems. Following is the breakdown: Total Number of Pages Submitted   152,508  x 10 records/page (many left blank)   1,525,080 Actual Records   1,382,058 Blank Lines   557,469 Unique Records   819,233     Incomplete / Indecipherable Records   36,127     Sign Date Out of Range   14,763     Out of State   4718     Duplicate Signatures   5356 Total Ineligible Signatures   55,608 Total Signatures for Further Investigation*   228,940 Total Eligible Signatures based on data available 534,685 * Signatures that were partially marked...(Read Full Post)