Operation F&F...Three Critical Questions

One blog author who has been persistent in pursuing the truth about Operation Fast & Furious is Bob Owen who is a frequent contributor to PJMedia. Today he has a piece there wherein he posits three questions that badly need to be asked by those investigating this blown operation.

1. Who conceived this radical departure from normal law enforcement practices? Who conceived an operation that depended upon the deaths of hundreds or thousands of Mexican nationals for its success?

2. Which Department of Justice officials saw that Operation Fast and Furious was dependent on hundreds or thousands of firearms being given to the cartels and recovered at the scenes of crimes, knew that the crimes in question were likely to be murders of Mexican nationals or U.S. citizens along the Mexican border where the cartels operate, and approved the operation anyway?

3. Knowing that Operation Fast and Furious could be the political and criminal albatross that drives away moderates and Latino voters and destroys his chances of winning a second term, why does President Obama refuse to appoint a special prosecutor or, at the very least, call for Eric Holder and his direct reports to resign?

Owen's discussion of these three questions and why they are critical makes for some interesting reading. For me, it is the last question though that is the most intriguing, made so by Owen's suggested motives.

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