NY Times, Wash. Post care more about rights of terrorists than safety of Jewish pilgrims

Here are a couple of newsworthy developments which editors of the Washington Post and the New York Times did not see fit to print in their Feb. 22 editions: 1. On Feb. 21, Arab rioters stoned Israeli police accompanying Jewish pilgrims on Jerusalem's Temple Mount - Judaism's holiest site, where once stood the two Jewish Temples and where Abraham nearly sacrificed Isaac.  The violent episode followed similar Arab attacks on Jews in the same area in recent days.  None of this was reported by the Post and the Times.   Just imagine -- had it been Jews stoning Muslims on their way to Al-Aqsa Mosque, would there have been a similar news blackout in the Post and the Times?  No way. 2. On Feb. 21, Arabs stoned Jews praying at Rachel's Tomb, the third holiest site in Judaism.  Rachel is revered by Jews as the  Matriarch who prayed from her grave for the return of Jews exiled to Babylon.  Her tears are presumed to have moved God to bring Jews back to...(Read Full Post)