No One is Safe under Islamist Regimes -- not even Muslims

President Obama, leaders in his administration, and most Democrats in Congress would have us believe that the Arab Spring is good for Arabs in the Middle East and for the rest of the world because it is a prelude to democracy.  They fail to recognize these simple facts: A sizeable minority of Arabs in the Middle East and North Africa are Islamists. Islamists are terrorists in their home countries and elsewhere. Islamists intimidate and brutalize until they get what they want. At home they don't win elections so much as they take them by force. Islamists as a group believe that their mission on earth is to subjugate the world and bring it under Sharia law. As Islamists take control of countries in the Middle East, they will use the resources of those countries to advance their agenda.  That's what the Taliban did in Afghanistan, for instance, before we kicked them out, and that's what they will do again if/when they regain control.  Our bargaining with them and...(Read Full Post)