Mittmentum: Romney retakes national lead from Santorum

It's one poll and it very well could be an outlier. But Santorum has made some statements in the last week that, while popular with social conservatives and many on the right, has others a little nervous about his beliefs. The Hill: Gallup's tracking poll shows GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney overtaking rival Rick Santorum nationally, after a tumultuous February which saw the presumptive frontrunner trail by double digits in many national polls. Numbers released Sunday show Romney with the support of 31 percent of likely-GOP voters with Santorum at 29 percent.  Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich comes in third with 15 percent support. Support for Romney has surged nationally; last week Santorum held a 10 point lead over the former Massachusetts governor, in Gallup's survey. Saturday's Gallup five-day average showed Santorum only up 1 point, with 31 percent support to Romney's 30 percent. Santorum had surged to the top of polls nationally and in key states after he...(Read Full Post)