Janet Napolitano Claims Ignorance in Second Gun Link to ICE Agent's Murder

Two days ago CBS's Sharyl Attkisson reported that a second gun related to the Obama administration's gunwalking operation had been positively linked to the murder of ICE agent Jaime Zapata on February 15, 2011.  Zapata's and fellow agent, Victor Avila's SUV was ambushed as the two men were driving back to Mexico City from a meeting in San Luis Potosi. 

According to documents obtained by CBS one of the guns retrieved at the scene was linked directly to a Texas gun trafficker under ATF surveillance for six months prior to Zapata's death. Records show on August 20, 2010 "Barba took delivery of the WASR-10 semi-automatic rifle later used in Zapata's murder, obliterated its serial number, and sent it to Mexico with nine others just like it." The gun eventually made its way to the Zeta drug cartel. 

Interestingly, a week before the release of the latest information, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano denied any knowledge of a link between Fast and Furious weapons and the murder of Jaime Zapata.

At a February 15 U.S. House Committee hearing on a proposed DHS budget for 2013, Representative Michael McCaul (R-Austin) honored Zapata's memory by reminding committee members it was the first anniversary of Zapata's murder.

McCaul followed up by asking Napolitano what she knew about the guns connected to one of her murdered agents.

McCaul:  Madam secretary, there's been some speculation that the weapons used to kill Agent Zapata may have been possibly linked to the Operation were linked to Fast and Furious. Do you have any information to indicate there is a connection there?"

Napolitano:  I have no information to that effect, no. I don't know one way or the other.

The Secretary then indicated it might be conceivable Fast and Furious weapons were tied to Zapata's murder.

"'It's possible', is what you're saying?" McCaul asked.

"I just don't know one way or another," Napolitano answered.

"So you can't conclusively say one way or the other whether there's a link to these weapons and Fast & Furious?" asked McCaul.

"That's true," Napolitano responded.

Getting a little exasperated with questions about the Phoenix-based ATF operation Napolitano sniped, "I didn't know this was a Fast and Furious hearing." 

Where's the outrage on Capitol Hill when a top Cabinet official feigns ignorance about a gun smuggling operation going on under her watch? Congress should defund DHS and get rid of Napolitano based on her testimony alone.  

Napolitano joins Obama, Holder, and Clinton in playing dumb on Fast and Furious; and they all show contempt for the Zapata and Terry families, Congress, and the American people.

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