In MA senate race, Brown and Warren are neck and neck

In the most heavily Democratic state in the union, Scott Brown is holding his own so far against far left darling Elizabeth Warren. A new poll out by WBUR shows the race virtually tied: A new WBUR poll shows U.S. Sen. Scott Brown and Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren running neck and neck. Forty-six percent of people polled said they would vote for Warren compared to 43 percent for Brown. The three-point lead is within the margin of error. Political newcomer Warren surprised the establishment when she raised millions of dollars in both of the last two quarters. She's used that money to buy TV ads, and based on conversations with voters, the ads seem to be working. "I just feel more comfortable with her because I know she's going to fight for what I want," said Belmont Democrat Lucille Duddy. Duddy knows everything she does about Warren from watching those television spots. Pollster Steve Koczela said of Warren, "She's gotten her name out there. Now many more people...(Read Full Post)