If Mitt Romney Can't Attract Conservative Support, We May Need a Brokered Convention

GOP presidential hopefuls and conservative pundits alike have denounced the use of attack ads.  Some of them have argued that those ads hurt the conservative cause and could lead to four more years of Obama.  Are they right?  I don't think so. In an attempt to benefit politically from the growing displeasure with negativity, Newt Gingrich promised to run a "positive campaign" focusing on "big ideas," and he did that for awhile -- or should I say that he did it until it became obvious that Mitt Romney was distancing himself from the pack by using the attack ads that Professor Newt said he loathed.  Romney handed Gingrich his head on a platter in Iowa, and the former Speaker of the House reverted to the more traditional style of campaigning.  Gingrich won in South Carolina against overwhelming odds by going on the attack against the mainstream media, and he failed miserably in Florida partly because of a money deficit and partly because he was far more subdued...(Read Full Post)