Homs bloodbath continues as UN accuses Assad of 'Crimes against humanity'

The carnage continues in Homs where the Syrian military continues to use tanks, mortars and artillery to shell a couple of Sunni neighborhoods where a few Free Syrian Army troops are holed up. Meanwhille, another UN report has been released detailing the bloody crackdown by Assad and accusing him of "Crimes against Humanity." Reuters: World outrage has swelled over the carnage in Syria, where thousands have been killed since the anti-Assad uprising flared in March, inspired by revolts against Arab autocrats elsewhere. U.N. investigators said Syrian forces had shot dead unarmed women and children, shelled residential areas and tortured wounded protesters in hospital under orders issued at the "highest levels" of the army and government. In their report to the U.N. Human Rights Council, they called for perpetrators of such crimes against humanity to face prosecution and said they had drawn up a confidential list of names of commanders and officials alleged to be ...(Read Full Post)