High calorie, low healthy eating at the White House

Quick, before they consume their diet pills, call the North Carolina food police to the White House!  Yes, the same government inspectors who replaced a schoolgirl's mother's homemade turkey sandwich with healthier (according to them) chicken nuggets are desperately needed to teach Michelle Obama sound healthy meal planning for guests. 

While mostly slim, thin actresses displayed their selective body parts at the Academy Awards the First Couple served a high fat, high calorie feast at the annual Governors' Dinner at the White House.  The estimated 2250 calorie meal, which supplied enough recommended calories for the day, consisted of

Garden salad

 Bread and butter

 Ribeye steak 12 oz

 Creamed spinach

 Crab mac and cheese

 Pear tart with ice cream

 White wine

Government police inspectors should have substituted a spritz of lemon for a dressing on the salad, placed one slice of bread and one pat of butter in the bread basket, halved the size of the steak, offered raw spinach, removed the mac and cheese while leaving the crab while finishing off with a healthy raw pear and a glass of white grape juice for dessert. 

For an even healthier alternative the White House could have served the nation's governors and their significant others the Wednesday elementary school lunch from a proposal on the White House website.

Chef's salad: (1 cup romaine, .5 oz low-fat mozzarella, 1.5 oz grilled chicken) with whole wheat bread
Soft pretzel (2.5 oz)
Corn, cooked (1/2 cup)
Baby carrots, raw (1/4 cup)
Skim chocolate milk (8 oz)
Low fat ranch dressing (1.5 oz)
Low fat italian dressing (1.5 oz)

Yum!  But healthy!

However, Michelle Obama, the ever sacrificing hostess, did look lovely in an "asymmetric gown gave the A-list a serious run for their money."

The pale, cream-coloured gown had a crystal-embellished bodice in a design of leaves and flowers, and a chiffon bow at the shoulder.

Take that Hollywood.