Free speech champions shout down Santorum at event in Washington state

As it has been with the left since the days of the Viet Nam War, "Free speech for me - not for thee." Politico: Filling the front row at the Washington State History Museum where Santorum spoke, a group of Occupy protesters disrupted the event, forcing Santorum to engage them. Occupy Tacoma, the local branch of the Occupy Wall Street movement, is camped out right next to the museum, and advertised Santorum's visit on its web site. "I think it's really important for you to understand what this radical element represents, because what they represent is true intolerance," Santorum said, after two protesters were taken to the ground and placed in handcuffs by police. The protesters, Santorum suggested, "instead of standing here unemployed, yelling at somebody" should instead "go out and get a job." Santorum's supporters roared their approval, chanting "get a job" back at the Occupiers. The ruckus, and Santorum's visit to Washington, came on a historic day for the state....(Read Full Post)