Calling Republicans 'The Stupid Party' Is an Insult to Stupid People

Here's a simple exercise that I invite everyone to try:  First, and I know this is a stretch -- assume that the Republicans actually want to win the election in November.  Second, catalog in your mind (or, if you are not one of the 47 percent of Detroit (my home town!) , Michigan residents who are functionally illiterate, feel free to write down everything the House GOP majority has done since reclaiming that status in January 2011.  And finally, assume, arguendo, as the lawyers say, that Republicans want to lose in November and tell me one thing that the Republicans who control the House would have done differently. Stumped you, did I?  Well, don't feel bad, I couldn't name a single thing, either... well, okay, they passed and sent 30 job-creating economic bills to the Senate, so there's that.  On the other hand, we don't hear much about them, or what's in them. If I continue to beat my forehead against the wall every time this Congress screws up or misses an...(Read Full Post)